Course Description

A Brainobots Junior Robotics program designed to introduce key engineering concepts to children aged 6-10. In this junior level course, students are encouraged to construct different models to understand the different machines that work around us. This course is strongly recommended for children who are more innovative and eager to break toys to see what’s inside. The course is designed for kids to reflect and work on a regular basis without altering their imagination.


Engineering Concepts

Understand simple machinery, basic principles of electronics and electricity, and basic engineering concepts

Collective Intelligence

Being an expert in one area is not enough to fulfil the desire, the present decade requires multidisciplinary skills. The cutting-edge robotics course designed effectively to deliver collective intelligence to students.

High End Technologies

The Advanced Robotics Training Suite comprises all the most demanding skill sets worldwide and meets the global standard.

Personal Skills

Builds the approach of logical thinking, problem solving skills, analytical thinking and logic by finding the solution of real-world problems by technology.

STEM Skills

Provides an opportunity to explore STEM via robotics, programming and microcontroller activities.

Passion in Science

Students will be fascinated by science and can think of how to use science in innovative ways.

Practical Skills

Assembling the robot by themselves provides the practical knowledge of how electricity works and how electronic components can be manipulated using simple electronic circuits.

Effective use of materials

Understand how to use components efficiently and how to make simple programs and use them to detect and react to objects in the real world.

Course Module