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BRAINOBOTS is a team of STEM professionals that offers educational programs focused on equipping students to  deal with the rapidly changing technology-driven environment. A BRAINOBOT’S Robotics Training program is designed to bring out the collective intelligence of students by immersing them in the practice of learning with an interdisciplinary competence approach

Our Expertise: STEM Education || Robotics || Embedded Systems || Internet of Things || Artificial Intelligence || 3D Printing || Aeromodelling.

Unique and comprehensive Curriculum

A unique educational program designed by STEM research specialists and tested to ensure the effective learning.

In Line Activities

A well structured program aimed at emphasizing innovation, collective intelligence and problem-solving skills.

Integrated Learning Method

Integrated learn by doing method improves logical and analytical thinking ability to perform complex task.

Inspiring Instructors

The course contents delivered by the certified passionate instructors.

Friendly Syllabus

A kids friendly syllabus provides the opportunity to apply their academic learnings in real-time activities.

Global Platform

A Real time competitive platform where the students can showcase their skills and learnings in front of young innovators among the globe.

Effective Assessment

Various assessment methods to test students understanding and the practical skills enables the students to improve their learning.

Multiplatform Environment

This program covers applications from diverse popular microcontrollers and uses the most demanding programming languages for training.

World Class Practice kit

Good quality practice kits will be distributed to every student to enable an out-of-box learning approach.

Expert Trainers

A certified and experienced instructor assigned to each batch to manage classrooms.

Tech Support

24X7 technical support will be provided to each Student through the batch instructors.

Home practice

In line homework activities will be assigned to students to practice their learnings in the robotics program.


Detailed electronic copies of the course material will be provided to students to assist them in finding the full details of the lesson.


A Course Certificate is an official credential that confirms that you successfully completed Robotics course on Brainobots.

Artificial Intelligence

Internet of things

Drone Technology

3D printing



As a parent, I am very happy with Brainobots' advanced robotics program which really helps my child develop his passions in the field of artificial intelligence. The teaching methods, a well-aligned program and the subjects covered in each level is excellent. Especially my child finds it very interesting as he was looking for such courses for a long time. Thank you for providing quality classes and I loved how you coach and manage each child.Thankyou for providing such quality classes...Loved the way coach and management is taking care of each child.

Ms.Priyanka Konwar Parent of Divyanga Kashyap

The robotics course is well designed and structured to enable children to easily learn the basic concepts and foundations of robotics and electronics. The instructors are very professional and helpful. My Son Johann has benefitted from this course. I recommend the course because these skills will help them later in their careers and everyday lives.

Mr.Jinu George Parent of Johann Philip Thomas

Brainobots robotics has been very successful in turning a mere interest into a full-fledged passion for robotics. Every class is engaging and the teacher takes care to address every doubt even after class. Our son looks forward to every session with enthusiasm and he is empowered with every passing class. Thanks Brainobots!

Ms.Sandhya Ann Parent of Ethan Jiby Thomas

Brainobots Academy is doing a brilliant job in conducting Robotic and Coding classes for junior level newbies. Kudos and appreciate the systematic schedules, professional instructor and 24*7 support & backup sessions whenever needed. Brainobots Academy is doing a brilliant job in conducting Robotic and Coding classes for junior level newbies. Kudos and appreciate the systematic schedules, professional instructor and 24*7 support & backup sessions whenever needed. Thank you for all your efforts, Our Son Shafin Sahid is very curious and thrilled about the classes.

Mr. Shahid Siddikh Parent of Safin Hamaad

My son, Eyad, has benefited a lot from Brainobots Robotics Training in Kuwait. He's now on level 2, and I can see that he's learning new skills and new concepts that help him be well prepared for the future. Another advantage is that he acquires new communication skills as it is exposed to learning practical skills remotely, leading it to improve his communication skills with the instructors. The most important thing about this training is that it is a hands-on experience for kids. My child is feeling the joy of learning robotics concepts and bringing them to reality by himself while using actual tools and the robotics kit provided by Brainobots Kuwait

Mr.Ahmad Abouzeid Parent of Eyad Ahmad

Tejaswi is attending her robotics class since September 2020. She finds it very interesting. Especially, feels happy when she achieves the expected results while building the circuits. She is able to identify all the components by herself and analyze the circuits. Thanks to the faculty of Brainobots for introducing the world for Robotics to our child.

Mr.Suman Parent of Tejaswi

Thanks to the brainobots team who are helping my daughter Deeksha Sri develop knowledge in the field of robotics and programming. The patience and commitment of the teacher helping my daughter become confident and capable as a child means a lot to my family. A big thank you for the trainer's patience, motivation and interactive pedagogical approach. This course builds great confidence and high-end technological concepts along with improved performance of Reading and Writing too.

Ms. Shanmuga sundari Parent of Deeksha Sri